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Diet & Aging

A landmark study "The Hallmarks of Aging" published in Cell a decade ago outlined the molecular association with our biological aging. Now, the same group of researchers has updated their analysis, and the scientific understanding of aging has expanded significantly, paving the way for potential interventions that can combat age-related diseases and extend healthy lifespan.

"The Hallmarks of Aging" publication was a ground-breaking review that revealed nine distinct hallmarks or molecular signatures of the aging process. 

Primary causes of aging:

They pointed to four “primary causes of aging”: genomic instability, telomere shortening, epigenetic alterations, and protein synthesis imbalances, collectively contribute to the overall aging of organisms. Building on the initial hallmarks of aging, scientists have found additional hallmarks include mitochondrial dysfunction, cellular senescence, chronic inflammation, and dysbiosis (imbalances in the microbiome). Each of these hallmarks represents a potential entry point for exploring the aging process and developing new anti-aging interventions.

Targeting Telomeres and Beyond:

Dr. Maria A. Blasco, a renowned expert in telomere research and scientific director of the CNIO, collaborated with other esteemed scientists to delve deeper into the study of aging. Their updated analysis emphasizes the critical role of telomere shortening in age-related diseases. Furthermore, the paper discusses novel interventions, including telomerase activation through gene therapy, and interventions aimed at the extension of healthy longevity.

Diet and Aging:

The paper reviews over 70 dietary interventions and their impact on aging and age-related diseases. 

“Diet is one of the most practical targets for interventions into human aging,” say the authors in Cell. The authors highlight the dysregulation of nutrient-sensing mechanisms (a sophisticated network of molecular signals alerting the cells when food is available) as a key indicator of aging and a practical target for interventions.

Nutrient sensors present potential targets for longevity drugs, while dietary interventions have shown positive effects on immunity and inflammation, albeit with mixed results in human clinical trials due to compliance issues.

The rapid progress in aging research over the past decade has propelled the understanding of age-related diseases and their underlying mechanisms. While aging is not yet officially recognized as a disease, the mounting evidence supports the development of strategies to intervene in the aging process. With further advancements and discoveries, the application of this knowledge to treat diseases and extend healthy longevity is drawing closer. The continuous exploration of the hallmarks of aging and the development of new anti-aging medicines hold great promise for the future of aging research and the improvement of human health.


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