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The founders of EIR supplements Barbara and Andrea

Designing a healthier future

Health is an ecosystem, where biological, psychological and planetary wellbeing are intertwined. By creating regenerative formulas that are simple yet powerful we strive to support everyone on their health journey.

Health begins at a cellular level. Repair and rejuvenate your cells and watch the ripple effect on you positively impact the world around you.

Our Values


We chose the name EIR - a Norse goddess - associated with health and protection. It is pronounced "air".

EIR's healing influence extends to mental, emotional and energetic healing, making her a potent symbol for resilience and inner strength


We want to be known for what we stand for, not what we are against. Aging can be beautiful and being able to grow older and be healthy is a privilege. We want to create a community that celebrates this, and by focusing on the positives, redefines what age means.


Simplicity is most certainly not simple to achieve. It takes a lot of mindfulness to live effortlessly but when you begin to embody simplicity the results are simply wonderful. A simple design feels so complete, there is no desire for more and this is how we approached Longevity.

Meet The Founders


"Health doesn't just mean the absence of disease but a state where every cell in your body is vibrating with life. The biohacking and human optimization space has become rather loud and overcomplicated for women who already juggle more than enough (careers, children, relationships, our ever changing biology). My commitment is to make it more simple and easy to navigate. I strive to live by this principle and impart this message onto my four children. The most precious thing in life is life itself and it is our to explore and celebrate."

- Barbara Grove


"For far too long the story around aging has been one that we were made to fear. Anti-aging itself implies that we should fight against it, rather than leaning into the beauty of growing older, being healthy and empowered. At EIR we wanted to create simple yet effective tools to help prolong our healthspan. Age is in. Let's write your most exciting chapter yet where you feel even more confident, radiant and charged."

- Andrea Pearson

Holistic formula design

We believe in holistic design and we approached the formulation of Longevity this way. By working closely with industry specialists in longevity, orthomolecular nutrition and medicine we are bringing a robust solution that is grounded in years of research and development.

Led by our lead consultant Dr. Rebecca Erikson, we have gathered an expert team of clinical dieticians to engineer our formulas that consist of science-backed ingredients and cutting edge nutritional innovation.

Industry Reviews

"EIR's formulas contain well-studied nutrients like NR and liposomal glutathione which are essential to cell rejuvenation. Plus, it has added benefits such as collagen peptides, vitamin C and astaxanthin, making it a perfect supplement to add to your healthy diet and lifestyle regime, especially for clients 30 years and plus."

Dr. Rebeca Erikson, RD PhD
Clinical Dietitian & Nutrigenetic Expert

"EIR's unique formulas have the capacity to enhance DNA repair and other cellular functions, including inflammation and metabolism. I recommend it to my patients in order to reduce the risks of age related health issues."

Dr. Boris Benedek, MD
Internal Medicine & Gastroenterologist

Our Partners

science-backed & innovative

Well-executed supplement engineering designed to work using science-backed ingredients. Manufactured between Canada and Switzerland with our laboratory partners in FDA registered facilities that follow stringent manufacturing standards.

EIR Supplements shows how 2 women in their 40's and b eyond have taken control of their health and wellness by incorporating a simple supplement aimed at cellular health

Self-care is how you take your power back.


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