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Frequently asked questions

What makes EIR formulas such effective supplements to support aging?

EIR supplements are curated blends of potent ingredients, bioactive nutrients, and antioxidants that work synergistically to support the hallmarks of aging: Cellular Health, Oxidative Stress, Brain Health, and Inflammation & Immunity. By strengthening your cells from within, we can support cellular regeneration, activate the metabolism, counteract harmful environmental stressors, and reduce inflammation.

Further, we have fortified both Vitality and Longevity with Swiss made marine collagen peptides, vitamin C and niacinamide to help obtain a more radiant skin complex by regenerating damaged skin cells, and increasing elasticity and hydration. Our premium bioactive collagen peptides are naturally extracted from wild Icelandic cod. Did you know that 80% of your skin is made up of collagen peptides? As we age, natural levels of collagen decline substantially. Studies show that collagen peptide supplementation enhances skin cell metabolism, elasticity, and hydration. Compared to collagen from other sources, marine life collagen peptides are absorbed 150% more efficiently.

What makes EIR different from other longevity supplements on the market?

1. At EIR, we support the beauty of the aging process. We are not anti-aging - we are here to help you feel empowered as we go through one of life's natural processes.

2. While other supplements work on the surface, EIR acts on the cellular level, repairing and restoring the cell. Unlike tablets and capsules, our dissolvable powder formula has an absorption rate of 90-95%. EIR has ensured maximum body absorption by creating a naturally liposomal powder that shuttles the nutrients directly to your cells, bypassing the intestinal tract, ensuring the quickest absorption, bioavailability and health benefits.

3. EIR formulas are composed of a targeted, unique blend of amino acids, coenzymes and micronutrients in the ideal dosage made to target specific epigenetic and biochemical pathways facilitating the physiological changes of cellular aging. The cornerstone of EIR formulations is cell renewal and protection against cellular damages.

4. EIR formulas are laboratory manufactured and packaged for stringent quality control, made with regulated ingredients, and transparent labeling.

Why are EIR formulas more expensive than other supplements on the market?

EIR formulas are powder formulations of highly effective, clinical-grade ingredients, meaning a high bioavailability. We do not use any added bulking ingredients or preservatives. All of our ingredients are handpicked by a highly qualified formulation team sourced from Canadian and Swiss manufacturers.

Are EIR formulas suitable for post-menopausal women?

Yes, EIR formulas are perfectly suited to women in menopause are undergoing hormonal changes which can cause fatigue, irregular sleep patterns, as well as increased inflammation and oxidative stress to their bodies. EIR’s ingredients can help support many of these physiological processes which are happening in the body during menopause.

Who can take EIR formulas?

EIR is designed to support cellular health of those 18 and older, no matter gender or color. Anyone looking for a highly effective cellular primer can benefit and achieve great results from using EIR.

Please note, those taking SSRI antidepressants should consult with their doctor before taking EIR Vitality. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take EIR Vitality or Longevity.

Does EIR come in different flavors?

EIR Vitality is available in our original Berry flavour. EIR Longevity is available in Berry or Peach flavours.

Where is EIR manufactured?

To ensure impeccable standards and the highest quality ingredients we produce EIR Vitality in Canada and Switzerland at our FDA regulated laboratory partners. Learn more about our team here.

Is EIR safe while pregnant or breastfeeding?

EIR Vitality is not recommended while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Is EIR safe for children?

EIR is recommended for adults 18 years of age and over.

Are there any side effects from taking EIR Vitality or Longevity?

You should not experience any negative side effects from taking EIR, however every body is different. EIR Vitality and Longevity are potent dietary supplement blends and therefore we recommend our customers follow the directions on the bottle carefully. Avoid taking on an empty stomach and never exceed the recommended dose. Stop taking the product immediately if you experience any negative side effects and if you have a health concern, please consult a qualified doctor or health care provider.

I have trouble sleeping. Will the energy-boosting ingredients in EIR keep me awake?

EIR formulas are engineered to give you an energy boost by nourishing your cells so they function their best - this means more energy during the day when you need it, and better sleep at night, when you don't! *EIR is caffeine-free.

Getting started

How do I take EIR?

Directions: Take 1 scoop in the morning, mixed with water, juice or any other cold beverage. Thats it! EIR can also be mixed with your favorite smoothie, acai bowl or yogurt. Avoid taking on an empty stomach. Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose. This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

How long will I need to take EIR before I start seeing results?

Everyone is biochemically different, and our bodies’ requirements and uptake of micronutrients and amino acids may vary from person to person. This means that some will experience the benefits within just one month, whereas others may take a few months to experience the full effect.

How long do you recommend taking EIR formulas?

We recommend making EIR a part of your daily wellness ritual for at least 6 months to feel the full effects of the formulas, and continue indefinitely to ensure continued benefits.

Can I take EIR alongside other food supplements and/or prescription medication?

There are no known negative interactions with multivitamins or mineral supplements. Although EIR is NOT a multivitamin, it is a blended supplement which contains several vitamins and minerals that may also be in your multivitamin. To avoid exceeding the daily recommended dose, please check the ingredients in your multivitamin.

EIR Vitality may interact with SSRI group of medications. If you take an SSRI, we recommend EIR Longevity which is safe to consume while taking this group of medications.

What is the difference between EIR Vitality and EIR Longevity? Which formula is best for me?

EIR Vitality was engineered to support brain health, provide anti-stress relief and to improve sleep. It works on the cellular level to fight aging at its source and supports the body’s overall health, wellbeing and immunity.

EIR Longevity is a highly targeted cellular primer that supports every cell of your body. Using NAD+ booster, EIR Longevity supports cellular health, metabolism, and immunity (inflammation).

Please see our Comparison Table here!

Is it safe to take both EIR Vitality and EIR Longevity?

No, we do not recommend you take both supplements concurrently.

How should EIR formulas be stored?

All of our supplements are best stored in a sealed container or zipper pouch, in a cool, dry place without direct sunlight. We do suggest refrigeration if you live in a climate above 72ºF.

Stay tuned for our new stainless steel, non-corrosive storage canister, coming soon in our Daily Ritual Kit!


Does EIR contain artificial bulking components?

No - EIR Vitality and EIR Longevity are formulated with everything you need in the most effective dosages, and nothing you don't.

Can EIR formulas replace my multivitamin?

EIR formulas are not multivitamins, mineral blends, or meal replacements – they are tailor made blends for cellular repair and wellness, designed to slow down the damage to your cells/DNA from oxidative stress and inflammation. It is a longevity formula to take in conjunction with a healthy diet.

Can you tell me more about EIR's active ingredients and what they do?

We are proud of our formulas, made with highly effective, clinical-grade ingredients, formulated in their optimal potency to promote cellular repair. Please see our Ingredients Glossary (Vitality&Longevity) for a detailed insight into all of our ingredients.

Has EIR been clinically tested?

All of the ingredients we use are approved as safe by both the EFSA and the FDA. Our laboratory facility is also FDA registered, and adheres to the strictest quality assurance standards (GMP) which covers all aspects of production from sourcing ingredients to mixing and packing.

Why is EIR Longevity more expensive than EIR Vitality when Vitality has so many more ingredients?

EIR Longevity contains two unique ingredients: NR and liposomal glutathione. These are two of the most premium ingredients available on the market. We never sacrifice quality and source only premium ingredients based on their traceability, purity and potency.

I have heard so much about NAD+ but I still don’t understand how it can support longevity and cellular health.  Can you explain?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is vital to our life and the longevity of our cells. NAD+ is a crucial molecule involved in various cellular processes, such as energy metabolism and DNA repair. Nicotinamide riboside (NR), found in EIR Longevity, is a vital precursor to NAD+ synthesis and is considered one of the most effective anti-aging nutrients.

NAD+ is depleted by everyday stressors and by the passage of time. Cells under metabolic and oxidative stress require NAD+ to repair themselves. NAD+ begins to decline from the moment you're born, and your cells begin to utilize it. By around age 30, depletion can accelerate. And by the time you reach 70, your NAD+ levels can drop by up to 65%.

Extensive research has been conducted on the benefits of NR supplementation. One of the primary benefits of NR is its capacity to elevate NAD+ levels within the body. As we age, NAD+ levels decline, and our cells are most prone to age-related health issues, including declined cognitive function, reduced energy levels, and muscle mass.

For more information about NR and NAD+, please see our Ingredient Glossary and EIR Editorial Learning Hub!

Does EIR contain any allergens? Are your formulas suitable for vegetarian/vegan lifestyles?

EIR formulas are gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO.

Our Swiss made collagen peptides are marine-derived, and thus may not be suitable for all vegan lifestyles.

I see EIR contained stevia for sweetness. Can I control the sweetness level?

We wanted EIR to taste delicious! We chose stevia as our sweetner of choice as it is low glycemic, safe for diabetics, and is naturally derived. To control the sweetness level of your EIR, simply add more or less water!

For more about stevia, please see our Ingredients Glossary.


Do you have a money back guarantee?

We are happy to refund or exchange a product returned within 14 days of purchase, if it is returned in its original state, unused and in original packaging with the hygiene seal unbroken. Please contact us to arrange to return your item.

Do you offer subscriptions?

Yes! By signing up for our Subscribe & Save option, you will save on each order and receive automated shipments – ensuring you never run out of your EIR formula. You can adjust your order dates, pause or cancel your subscription at any time within the My Account section of our website. There is no contract and no penalty for canceling.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently ship within the USA, and look forward to expanding internationally very soon.

I adore EIR and would love to be a brand ambassador! Are you looking for influencer collaborations?

Yes! We would love to welcome you to our EIR community. Please send us an email, or refer to our Collaborations page!

When will I receive my order?

Supplements are not medications

Although very powerful, our products are NOT medications.

They are dietary supplements that only include tried-and-tested ingredients with a long, scientifically-proven track record. Our formulations are developed in consultation with the leading industry experts and nutritionists.


The extra-strong dosages included in the formulations are well within the safe upper limits as defined by the EFSA and by the US FDA.


All of the ingredients we use are on the lists of ingredients approved as safe by both the EFSA and the US FDA.

Our manufacturing facility adheres to the strictest quality assurance standards (GMP) which covers all aspects of production from sourcing ingredients through to mixing and packing.

Safety warning

We apply a standard safety warning which is commonly included on all supplements.

Do not take this product if you are breastfeeding, pregnant or likely to become pregnant. If you are taking any medications, are under medical supervision, or suffer from any food allergies, consult a doctor before use. This product is not suitable for anyone under 18 years of age.

Discontinue use and consult a doctor immediately if any adverse reactions occur, or in case of accidental overdose. Do not use this product if the seal is broken or missing. 

We have carefully reviewed each nutrient and selected the optimal dosage to maximize the overall benefit.

Absorption rate and strength are different for each nutrient. For some of them, the natural form is significantly more potent. But for others, synthetic form is broadly equivalent to natural in terms of benefits, while providing better stability and longer shelf life.

Do you have a question?

If you haven’t found an answer to your question above, please contact us.

All questions are answered within 1-2 business days.

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