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Vitality Formula | Boost & Restore

$79.00 Regular price $89.00

Elevate your well-being to new heights with our unique mood-boosting supplement, now coupled with invigorating detoxifying ingredients. This dual-action formula is designed not only to enhance mental clarity, support your body’s stress response, but also to purify your body, flushing out toxins and rejuvenating your system from within.

Powder supplement designed to work at the cellular level to support stress response, reduce inflammation and support vitality. With one scoop a day, aging never felt—or looked—so good.

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Vitality Formula | Boost & Restore

$79.00 Regular price $89.00

Detoxify & Reset

Experience the synergistic benefits as you cleanse your physical self while simultaneously uplifting your mental state. Ideal for those looking to reset their bodies and minds, our supplement supports a holistic approach to health, ensuring you feel renewed, balanced, and ready to embrace life's challenges with a smile.

Discover the transformative power of combining mood elevation with the Vitality Formula.

Key Ingredients


Antioxidant creates cellular energy, protecting cells from free radical damage.

Bioactive Marine Collagen Peptides

Easily absorbed proteins to support skin, hair, nail, and joint health.


Supports cellular and brain health, cardiovascular support and has anti-inflammatory properties.


Considered the most potent antioxidant and is 6000 times stronger than vitamin C.


Niacin, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Magnesium Citrate, Zinc, Chromium, L-Tyrosine, L-Glutamine, Ashwagandha, 5-HTP, DL-Phenylalanine, Folate


Invested in your health

If you’re anything like us, you know your supplements. So, what’s stopping you from filling your Amazon cart with each of our research-backed ingredients? In short, our potency and our price can’t be beat. We’ve formulated Vitality with a leading orthomolecular expert to deliver the potency you need for the results you want. And unless you’re okay with popping 18 tablets a day for $200+ a month, one scoop of Vitality a day is easier, cheaper and better for your health.

Everything you need, nothing you don’t

Scientifically formulated with 18 potent ingredients, the Vitality Formula is packed with antioxidants, nootropic support and anti-aging agents to prevent—and potentially reverse—age-related decline, from wrinkles to cognitive function to disease. No fillers, no fluff.


Calm your mind with Ashwagandha: An ancient herb that helps reduce stress, enhances energy, and improves concentration.

Learn more

Bioactive Marine Collagen

Found in wild Icelandic cod skin our bioactive marine collagen peptides strengthen skin, joints, and bones. Experience improved elasticity, hydration, and a youthful glow from within! Learn More


Power up your cells with CoQ10: Boosts energy production, supports heart health, fights oxidative stress and neutralizes free radicals in our skin. Learn More


Shields against UV radiation, reduces inflammation, and boosts skin health. Nature's ultimate defense, astaxanthin is one of the most potent antioxidants, 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C. Learn More


Discover the magic of vitamin B3: Boost metabolism, radiant skin, lower cholesterol, elevate heart health, and enhance mental clarity—all in one powerful nutrient that gives you the longevity glow! Learn More

Phosphatidylcholine (PPC)

Key for brain health, liver function, and cellular repair. An anti-inflammatory that repairs and protects our cells by replenishing PPC that declines as we age. Learn more


Boost your recovery with L-Glutamine: Supports gut health, immune function, and muscle repair. Essential for athletes and anyone seeking optimal health and endurance! Learn more


Elevate your mental alertness with L-Tyrosine: A building block for neurotransmitters, enhancing focus, mood, and stress resilience. Fuel your brain for peak performance! Learn more

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6: Essential for brain health, mood regulation, immune support, and heart protection. A key player in holistic well-being! Learn more

Vitamin B12

Embrace the energy of Vitamin B12: Crucial for nerve function, red blood cell formation, DNA production, and combating fatigue.

Learn more


Empower your metabolism with Chromium: Enhances insulin sensitivity, supports healthy blood sugar levels, and aids in weight management. A vital trace mineral for balanced health! Learn more

Magnesium (as Magnesium Citrate)

Key for muscle function, nerve health, energy production, and stress reduction and involved in over 300 chemical reactions in the body. Your ally in achieving balanced health and relaxation! Learn more


Essential for immune defense, wound healing, DNA synthesis, and taste perception. An indispensable mineral for robust health! Learn more


A natural precursor to serotonin, enhancing sleep, mood, and appetite regulation. Find your balance and joy from within! Learn more

L-Methylfolate (Vitamin B9)

L-Methylfolate (B9) Vital for DNA synthesis, cell growth, fetal development, and mood balance. A cornerstone for lifelong health and vitality! Learn more

Vitamin D3

Supports bone health, immune function, mood regulation, and muscle strength. An indispensable nutrient for a radiant life! Learn more


Enhance your mood and pain relief with DL-Phenylalanine: A dual-action amino acid promoting endorphin production. Elevate your well-being and combat discomfort naturally! Learn more

Vitamin C

Powerful antioxidant, skin rejuvenator, immune booster, and collagen builder. Your daily shield for vibrant health and radiant skin! Learn More

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How to use

For best results, we recommend dissolving one scoop into at least four ounces of water in the morning (or other liquid of your choice, like a smoothie or yogurt). Do not take on an empty stomach or exceed one scoop per day—because Vitality was intentionally formulated and indicated.


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